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Top tier of Yumbilla Falls near Cuispes, Amazonas, Peru

Peru’s mysterious Amazonas Department is where the Amazon tributaries fall out of the world’s 2nd highest mountains to enter the world’s greatest rainforest. Located at 2000 meters in the tropical Andes of Peru where every day has perfect temperatures. The biodiversity in this area is incredible due to the transitions between the cloud forest and the high Amazon jungle. Many species are indigenous to the mini-ecological zones formed by this transition.

Our goal for the Amazon Waterfalls Association is to assist and support the local community in becoming the caretakers and primary benefactors of this ecology and saving its endangered species. Creating this infrastructure will give the locals a prideful responsibility and a financial ability to protect and share these treasures with visitors well into the future.

This is a lifetime opportunity for travelers to create a legacy with a worthwhile project that will provide an infrastructure to a small community.

We are in need of a few good volunteers to assist the locals in developing a path similar to an “Inca Trail-type roads” to pass by several extremely tall waterfalls. The location is a pristine area near to the equator but at a moderately high altitude so every day has ideal temperatures in the 70′s °F (22 C) year round. The zone has few pests, mosquitoes, and no venomous or poisonous creatures. Virtually no unusual diseases exist at this altitude. Archaeological ruins are ubiquitous, both well known and recently unfolding discoveries. It is blessed with rare plants such as orchids, bromeliads, also prehistoric fossils, caves, and amazing landscape, etc. There are more spectacular species of birds than in both Europe and North America combined, not to mention the incredible geographical diversity.

The Amazon Waterfalls Association arose from the vision of one man – Charles Motley. An annual visitor to Peru since 1979 he has been building lodges for the villages and involved in many different community improvement projects as donating hydro-electricity to 5 villages, etc. The AWA was conceived in the village of Cuispes in July of 2009. After working with the Cuispes Tourism Committee (CTC), it was decided that an official organization was needed outside of Cuispes to aid in acquiring volunteers and financial assistance.

After many months of communications and discussions about the project with Charles, Dr. Phil Wittman made a two week visit to Cuispes. The initial focus of the visit was to determine the feasibility and cost effectiveness of a cable traverse line at one of the 3 major waterfalls. During this time many more discussions were held with the CTC and the AWA was formed. Working closely with the CTC the AWA looks forward to improving the local infrastructure in order to allow easy access to the waterfalls and cloud forests of the area.

As of October 2009 AWA is an organization incorporated in the USA State of Florida as “Amazon Waterfalls Association Inc” as well as an IRS 501 (C) (3) non-profit status.

AWA has a Board of Trustees to set the direction of the projects as well as make fund raising and financial decisions. All volunteers (past and present) may participate in the election of Board Members and indeed are eligible to be on the board themselves. Additional information is available upon request and in the private AWA social web site..

Please contact us at adventure@amazonwaterfalls.org if you have any questions or comments.


The village planted 15,000 of these trees in Aug. 2011