Yumbilla, one of the worlds 5 largest waterfalls was recently discovered in this zone in 2007, it measures in at over 895 meters putting it on the worlds top five largest fall list (three times the size of The Eiffel  Tower of Paris).

Amazon Waterfalls Association was established to help protect the natural splendor of this zone while making it accessible for all to enjoy. Our program combines the efforts of volunteer and local workers to help construct the infrastructure necessary to allow the local population to protect this zone well into the future while benefiting from the tourist revenues.

This ecological wonder can be seen in a two day trek that covers seven impressive waterfalls, four of which reach over 450 meters in height. The walk is a beautiful path that passes through lush forests covered in tropical flora and fauna, including several varieties of endangered birds, and very rare orchid flowers that are native to this zone.

Amazon Waterfalls Association plans to work with the local population to turn this area into Peru’s most desirable travel destination. The combination of Archeological and natural treasures in this zone make it more attractive than many travel destinations. Due to the lack of publicity this zone only attracts a handful of tourist annually.

On these pages you will see new discoveries that are taking place now that a recently constructed road has made this  area accessible in the past 15 years. These discoveries include Karajia, Laguna de los Condors, Gocta, Yumbilla ,Chanata, and Pabeillon waterfalls, The City of the Dead, Levanto Capital of the Chachapoya, the Cloud People cities at Yellape, & Kuelap. All of these are in the cloud forest near Chachapoyas and the Utcabamba River in northern Peru.

Welcome to our mysterious Dept. of Amazonas


Our Amazon trek is built on a pristine ledge with 300 m cliffs above  and also below, covered in uncut Amazon forest. This area is home to 5 endangered species.

This is the bottom 20% drop of the Yumbilla Waterfall