How to get here


At present there are not regular scheduled flights to the Dept. of Amazonas. From Lima there are direct busses that leave in the evening and arrive the next evening. These are very modern two-story busses and on the bottom floor there are seats that recline as beds, and semi reclining chairs on the top floor. They are air conditioned with movies, bathrooms, stewardess, meals provided aboard with only a few stops. These go up Peru’s desert coast to Chiclayo and turn inward and over the Andes to our nearest located town of Pedro Ruiz where you get off. From there any moped-taxi will take you the last half hour to the village of Cuispis where there is lodging and meals available.

There are flights to airports nearer to this site in Chiclayo, Tarapoto or Cajamarca so you may arrive in one zone in one environment and leave by the other.

Chiclayo is on the desert coast in a setting like Egypt in “the valley of Pyramids”, or 120 huacos or mounds and temples. The most advanced civilization of South America lived there in a culture much older than the Incas. The Lord of Sipan’s tomb is located in an adobe pyramid that was the richest gold-filled tomb ever discovered. Many of these artifacts are located in a museum there. Also the Sican site has a museum with many artifacts. The huge Tucame pyramid complex is one of the oldest of this region.

Tarapoto is and equal distance to Pedro Ruiz, (7 hours by bus or car). This is in the Marginal Amazon Basin. Along this route you might want to stop over in Moyobamba for a jungle boat ride, thermal springs, a great jungle trek and experience all sorts of Amazon fruits, birds, monkeys, piranhas, and other exotic species.

Cajamarca is in the Andes on the other side of the main trunk Amazon tributary from our Dept. of Amazonas and its capitol of Chachapoyas. This is a longer road trip crossing this mighty river deeper than the Grand Canyon. Cajamarca is famous for being where the Spanish captured the Inca. This area features the Ventanas of Otusco and Cubemayo.


Take this moto-taxi from Pedro Ruiz to the village of Cuispis or San Carlos