description - mission

We are in need of a few good volunteers to assist the locals in developing a path similar to an “Inca Trail-type roads” to pass by several waterfalls as high as any of the continental USA. Out Yumbilla Waterfall is about 3 times as high as the Eiffel Tower and 17 times as high as the Niagara Waterfall (52 meters). The location is a pristine area near to the equator but at a fairly high altitude so every day has ideal temperatures year around. The trek follows a fairly level ledge through an uncut Amazon forest with cliffs soaring above and below 300 meters. The zone has few pests, mosquitoes, or poisonous creatures. Virtually no unusual diseases exist at this altitude. Archaeological ruins are ubiquitous, both well known and recently unfolding discoveries. It is blessed with rare plants such as orchids, bromeliads, prehistoric fossils, caves, monkeys, etc. There are more spectacular species of birds than in both Europe and North America combined, not to mention the incredible geographical diversity.

AWA is a non-profit organization to create a sustainable infrastructure to give the villagers an incentive to protect their ecological resources. AWA  has exclusive agency reservation rights as well as  amenities along the trail. AWA is creating a private reserve to protect 5 of the world’s most endangered species that live here. We are planting thousands of feeding trees around this preserve to create a food chain for their survival.

The Lord of Sipan

15 km uphill to our lodge construction site


Building a modern 7 room, 7 bath lodge using rammed earth construction with all utilities, 50 km from closest flush toilet.

End of the trail, unloading supplies for lodge