Newly constructed trail (Inca Trail style) to Yumbilla Falls from Cuispes. The beginning of the trail passes through several "chakras" before entering the cloud forest.

1. Trail Construction and Improvement

Volunteers are needed to help in trail building activities in a supervisor role. No prior experience is required, just enthusiasm. The workers from Cuispes know the where what and how of the trail. Volunteers will provide some physical assistance ranging from leading pack animals to optional drainage ditch digging.

Strategically selected locations along the trails will be thatch roof rest areas with spectacular views, also used for brief showers.

2. Cuispes Waterfalls Treks Way Stations

Sponsors are needed to finance the purchase of several key locations from the local owner in order to construct several way stations capable of housing gear and supplies for use along the trails. The way stations will be traditional adobe brick and located in such a manner so as not to impose upon the scenery. Guides will utilize these way stations for water, rain gear and other supplies for tourists and hikers. They could also serve as shelter in case of rain.

Site of a planned traverse line at the base of Pabellón Falls. Visitors will put on a safety harness and ride across a traverse or zip line in a bosun's chair to the other side.

3. Pabellón Falls Traverse Line

Donors are needed to fund a traverse line design and implementation at the base of Pabellón Falls. The workers from Cuispes will assist Canopy Construction Associates in getting materials to the site. Visitors will put on a safety harness and ride across a traverse line on a pulley and bosun’s chair. The traverse line will be over 100 feet long and it will be possible to take pictures while crossing, if desired.

Materials needed for this project are climbing rope, climbing harness(es), bosun’s chair, rope pulley, stainless steel aircraft cable, cable clamps, thimbles and other related hardware.

4. Inca Road Project

Perhaps Peru’s best major Inca un-restored road goes from Levanto to Chachapoyas. Along the way there is a short connecting trail that connects this fantastic walk to Yelape, the zone’s 2nd largest ruins after Kuelap. After a ride to Levanto and a night in the village lodge, this is a fantastic one easy day’s walk, almost all downhill, with fantastic panoramic views and Inca engineering..

This trek would start at the Inca Military Garrison that was restored by Morgan Davis and the first major restoration of the zone. Afterwards this team made the only restored building in Kuelap. This is about the same size but the terrace below features classic tight fitting Inca stonework. The garrison guards a major intersection of over 2000 km of major roads. Radiating from here, the route of each road is either unknown or unexplored. It connects the Inca heartland with Ecuador, and the coast with the jungle. Levanto was the major city of the Chachapoyans at the time of the Inca conquest. It features a church started in 1538 AD with a high gold plated altar. Also there are many other ruins surrounding this ancient city.

There are 3 projects to do here:

(1)Restore the trail connecting Yelape with the main Inca road.

(2)Re-thatch the roof of the Inca Military Garrison.

(3)Improve and clear up several of the ruins, making access paths, signage, rest areas, bathrooms, etc.


Part of unrestored major Inca road from Levanto to Chachapoyas

Levanto restored Inca military garrison guarding a hub over 2000 km of major Inca roads.

Flowers garden at Levanto’s lodge to feed hummingbirds

Inca “highway”


Lookout built in 2011 with the most spectacular view of cliff face and waterfalls you have ever seen.

Gold plated high altar of Levanto church started 1538ad

Yelape above Levanto, 2nd largest ruins after Kuelap