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The Amazon Waterfalls Association (AWA) is committed to assisting and supporting the local community of Cuispes as well as other nearby communities.

In addition to on-site volunteers AWA is always grateful to receive support and assistance in the form of cash donations. Donations can be directed to specific items and projects or may be allocated by AWA to these areas which need it most.

The simplest and fastest way to make a donation is to use the PayPal button on this page. PayPal will immediately deposit the donation directly into AWA's account regardless of the country of origin. You may use one of the approved credit cards or your own PayPal account.

Please contact us with questions, directions or comments in regard to your donation. All donors will be invited to join AWA's private social network when more details and updates are available about the project(s).



Cuispes Waterfalls Treks Trails Creation and Improvement

Volunteers are needed to help in trail building activities in a supervisor role. No prior experience is required, just enthusiasm. The workers from Cuispes...


Cuispes Waterfalls Treks Eco Lodge

Sponsors are needed to finance the purchase of a hilltop location from the local owner in order to construct a lodge capable of housing...


Pabellón Falls Traverse Line

Donors are needed to fund a traverse line design and implementation at the base of Pabellón Falls. The workers from Cuispes will assist Canopy Construction Associates...

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